What's Going On

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Upcoming Events

Panel and co-chair: Knowledge Equity 2020, Knowledge is Power, September 10, 18:30BST. Access here

Panel: “Why We Need Black Radicalism”, University of Nottingham Black History Month 2020. Event to be announced.

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Sample Publications
and Appearances

“Friends of Dorothy” and queerness in The Wizard of Oz on Bent Notes Podcast, LGBTQ+ Music Study Group, September 2020. Listen here.

Hamilton – the diverse musical with representation problems”, The Conversation, June 29, 2020. Available here.

“I Can’t Be What You Expect of Me”: Power, Palatability, and Shame in Frozen: The Broadway Musical. Arts 20209(1), 39. Available here.

“How we study music: navigating the whitewash”. Media Diversified. November 23, 2018. Available here.